First appearance of 2014

One night we were at “The Fountains ” mall after dinner, the whole family, went for ice cream. I noticed this little boy, maybe 5-6 staring at me as he approached the ice cream store. When he got to where we were I looked at him and said “Yes I am”, his parents laughed because he had just told them, “look it’s Santa”. I reached in my pocket and pulled out the little bag that I carry, in the bag are coins that say ” I caught you being good” and I told him, “I have something for you, It says I caught you being good, now you have to be a good boy and listen to your parents till Christmas” As I walked away and looked over my shoulder I saw his face was just beaming and he was telling his parents ” It was really him”…. My children said, “Dad will you knock it off”? I love being the fat guy.

My first job of the 2014 season was a photo-shoot it was outdoors at Frasenetti Winery in Sacramento. I met 3 of the greatest little children, Payton, a little girl age 3, Lucas age 7 and Carter age 9… oops almost forgot Color, their elf on the shelf. After photos and gifts and stories Lucas came over and whispered in my ear that his dog had just died. I told him I knew Pluto and that he was now in doggie heaven. He could not believe that I knew his dog’s name. What a great family. Thank you Michelle and Eric Brown for the opportunity to meet your children.


One day I was just finishing my lunch at Carolina’s, a Mexican restaurant in Roseville when the soldier walks up and says” I’m sorry to interrupt your lunch, but would you mind taking a photo with me?” “I’d be honored” says I. Well then all 4 wanted individual shots and a group photo. What a great honor for me. I love our men and women in uniform.


Santa and the military.

After arriving back in Sacramento from a trip across the US I was asked to appear at Camp Park, in Dublin, California to entertain the troops and their families at a troop feed for Christmas. This time some family members  with me, Jason, Windy, Markus and Judy. Erich and Jong could not make it. We arrived and I had to dress in the parking lot. The first building we went to was the wrong building. I felt so sad because children had seen me and now I was leaving without saying hello. We found the right building. There were over 200 soldiers and their families there. Some were going to Afghanistan the next week and some had just returned. They had a chair all set up for me next to the Christmas tree. There were 2 huge tables with gifts piled high on them. The packages were sorted by color, red for girls, green for boys. Markus was my elf and was helping hand the gifts out to the children. There were also huge stockings filled with toys for each child. After all the children had received gifts there were still loads left over. The organizers called to the party that was going on next door and told them to send their children over. So, we repeated the process and there were still gifts left. These were going to go to Toys for Tots. After all the photos were taken by the battalion photographer, a Lt Colonel who was the base commander and the battalion Sergeant major came over to me and asked if I would do one more thing for them. I said sure, not knowing what the request was. They wanted me to get into a HumV and pose with a 50 cal machine gun. I crawled into the unit and up thru the gunners hole. My grandson was also allowed to get on the unit. My toy bag was laid up on the roof too. We were the subjects of lots of photos. Afterwards, I was given the battalion coin by the Sgt major. I felt, being a vet, that that was a great honor.

To all my fellow LEO’s who wear the red suit God bless you. We KNOW what we have seen and what motivates us to be Santa. It’s that one special moment when the child that we have seen abused, breaks out into a smile at the sight of Santa that makes our day. God bless the Santa community.

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