Not Mine, but a Sad Day

As you have seen it is not all laughs and joy for Santas. We are faced with some circumstances that hurt our souls, The below happened to a fellow Santa whom I know.


Well it was a very tough day emotionally today as a Santa and for my crew ( Elves ) on the photo set.

I came home tonight and have been posting great pictures to help lift my spirits and get my mind off of the day it was.

I must share my thoughts with all of you about our day at work this Sunday 11/30/14.

The morning started off with a line of excited children with their families waiting for Santa as he arrived on set. The day was off to a fast start and went great through lunch. After lunch another line had formed. As we worked our way through the afternoon I had a moment between the printing of pictures for a quick hello to an Hispanic Family who was standing outside my set waiving. I then noticed the little girl that was sitting in one of the Mall rental strollers that looks like a Fire Engine. She was frail and wearing a mask. I went over to chat with them and the little girl, about 6 or 7 years of age, was very weak so I asked her if she felt ok. Her father explained she has terminal cancer. About that time I get a tap on the shoulder from behind and it was my set manager. She tells me she needs to talk to me. She then tells me that next in line is a Grand Mother with her 3 Grand Children. She says that Grandma wants Santa to try and cheer up the children. I said ok and my set manager then explains that the children lost their mother in a tragic car accident this week. The oldest, a young man about 12 years old, along with his sister about 10 and younger sibling, another young man about 7.  So Santa asked them to his big green chair … the young lady first and Santa asked her if she was doing ok. With tears in her eyes she says yes. I told her I was sorry for her loss and I knew her mother loved her and was proud of her and I gave her a long heart felt hug as she started crying. Santa is suppose to be strong but at that moment I went to pieces. Then the brothers came over to my chair and wiping away tears I told them their mother was in a great place in Jesus’ arms and I was sure she was missing them as much as they missed her. I said that they too some day would all be reunited in time. I told them to hold her memory close to their hearts. The Grand Mother gave Santa a long embrace as she began crying. As they left Santa broke down and had to go kneel down behind my big green chair and cry and cry as I said a prayer for this grieving Grand Mother who had just lost her Daughter and for the 3 children who was stripped of the life and love of their mother. During this time my whole set crew was also in tears and then they came to my side and comforted me with hugs. I composed myself and then looked up to realize the Hispanic Family had decided to have pictures with Santa. I sat in my chair as they propped up the young lady with terminal cancer in my lap, who was so weak and frail that she was having trouble even sitting up. I held onto her tight as the brothers and parents got into the pose. I was having a very hard time trying to smile while tears ran down my face.. We all sat there knowing this was probably her last picture and that was her wish … to have a picture with Santa and her family. Again as my crew took the pictures and gathered around we all was in tears again knowing she would probably not make it to CHRISTmas. As they left, again I broke down and had to take about 10 minutes to gather myself up and continue my day, knowing others were in line to see Santa and get pictures. Back to back tear-jerkers was the toughest day as Santa I have ever had and God was there to give me the strength to carry on. I was emotionally drained but carried on as I should. It is still the only 2 things on my mind as I sit here with my family tonight. Folks, love those dearest to your hearts every moment of every day for God could call any of us home at any given time. Be sure and hug your loved ones tonight and let them know how much they mean to you as I have with a broken heart for both of the families God sent to me today. I love my role as Santa and know there will be days like today that are not so easy. I love each and every one of you and thank you for letting me share my sorrow with you. Santa Bob McMasters… forever grateful.

Back to my day;

The 2014 season was a very rewarding one, Home and worn out, cup of hot coffee, wow, The first appearance was at Melton Financial, 1 hour, GREAT group of people, held at La Provence Restaurant in Roseville. A lady came over and sat in my lap, when I asked her what she wanted she said “nothing for me, I want something for you” in my 10 years as Santa I’ve not heard that, “ok” says I ” what might that be”, she said ” I want you to stay healthy this season so that you can still bring joy to the children