Another Encounter

So, I took Mrs Claus to lunch at a restaurant we knew from prior visits to Elkhart, The Cock a Doodle Restaurant. When I walked in I noticed a 4-5 year old girl point at me and tell her mom, “Santa is here “. I looked right at her and gave her the shush sign and winked at her. We got our table and ordered our brunch. Mom gets up and brings the little girl to our table. She excused herself for interupting our lunch and said that her daughter really wanted to meet me. So, I had her come over, talked to her a bit and gave her a coin. Well, right behind me was another table with a 3 year old girl and an older , maybe 6 years old, brother. Once they saw that I was giving out coins, they wanted one too.
We finished our meals and while at the counter to pay I noticed that the mother was behind me. She said her daughter wanted to say good-bye to me. I paid the bill, went over to say good-bye and remind her to go to bed early Christmas eve and to listen to mom and grandma. As I walked away she YELLED,” Good-bye Santa”. I turned and waved and noticed that everyone in the joint was looking at me and smiling. I love being the fat guy.