Santa for all Ages

This morning was a travel day morning. We are heading west and then south to California. I got up at 6:30 to take Sophie our dog out and then figured that I could come back, sit in my favorite lounger for an hour and still have plenty of time to get the necessary items done. So, awake at 7:15, bagged up tha garbage and as I stepped out the door I heard a tiny “Good morning Santa” I looked around but initially did not see the owner of the voice. The voice belonged to a 2, maybe 2 and 1/2 year old little girl. she was with her Grandma and aunt. The aunt was pulling a small red wagon with the little girls brother seated in it. The child had huge blue eyes and blonde hair, she was already dressed and wanting to face the day. She repeated, “Good morning Santa”, “well good morning to you my child”, both the grandma and the aunt let out a giggle. I turned to the grandma and asked if I might give her granddaughter a gift, with the word gift the girl’s little ears perked up. Grandma said “yes and she has been a really good child this trip”. I made a big production of reaching in my pocket and removing my coin purse, the whole while I was under the eye of the little girl. I found a bright pink coin and gave it to her and told her it said ” You have been caught being good by me so I think you should have this”. She took the coin and immediately showed it to her grandma who suggested that it go in the child’s dress pocket so as not to lose it. There was a split rail fence separating the two of us, but the child ducked under the fence and gave me a big hug. Then they were on their way to breakfast and I headed out to finish my tasks. WHAT A WAY TO START MY MORNING.


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