Not Always what you expect

On the 27th I was part of the tree lighting at Palladio Mall in Folsom, California. I love this mall, it is all outdoors and set up like an old village. The Christmas tree is in the center and surrounded by walkways on all 4 sides. I had my 2 elves with me and was walking thru the crowds, posing for photos. The crowd was quite large, maybe 2000 people. There were numerous little faces there whose parents wanted their children to have photos with Santa. I was due to be on stage at 5:50 to read Twas the Night before Christmas to the crowd and to do the countdown for the tree lighting at 6 pm. That meant I had to keep track of time, not stop long in the crowd because a line immediately forms and we would be disappointing lots of little children who could not meet Santa. So as I was moving thru the crowd, I ran across my Dr., Dr. Jason Trummer, he was there with is lovely daughter Bella and her little brother. Thank you Dr for referring me to the dermatologist Dr. Van Dyke. Great guy, yes it was cancerous, but is now under control. As I stepped away from Dr. Trummer a middle aged woman, maybe in her early 50’s came out of the crowd, put her arms around me and whispered in my ear that she wanted a divorce for Christmas. My police background immediately surfaced and I asked her of she was ok. No physical abuse?, No mental abuse, No.. she had lived with him for 30 years and he was an a…h… and wanted out. I told her that there were things that even Santa could not do, but I knew someone who could and pointed skywards. She said she knew and had been praying and hoped God was listening. Then just as quickly as she had appeared, she disappeared into the crowd. Sort of took the fun and festivity off the evening… or at least until I saw the next beaming little face. Thank you Lord for allowing me to be the man in the red 31151449142_fdccbfd2d8_z